Mysteryland, one of the world’s most iconic music festivals, celebrated its 30th anniversary in grand style in 2023. With nearly 140,000 attendees from nearly 100 nationalities, it lived up to its reputation as a global gathering of music enthusiasts. Here are some key highlights from this year’s unforgettable edition:

General Facts:

Mysteryland first kicked off in 1993, and this year marked its 30th anniversary. The festival attracted a diverse crowd, with visitors hailing from nearly 100 different countries. Over 300 artists took to the stage across 22 stunning performance areas. A vibrant campsite hosted 20,000 weekend visitors. Mysteryland made strides in sustainability, powering the festival with locally generated green energy, a unique feat in the festival landscape. Eager fans can already pre-register for Mysteryland 2024 via the official website.

What to Do and See:

Mysteryland is more than just a music festival; it’s an immersive experience filled with captivating activities and artistic displays. Here are some highlights:

MainStage: The heart of Mysteryland, where escapism and artistic expression reign. This year’s MainStage featured sustainable additions, including a durable golden inflatable half-mask designed for years of use.

Secret Pathways: Festival-goers could explore Mysteryland’s colorful and decorated secret pathways, each revealing unique surprises.

Coke Studio Sofa Sessions: An extraordinary musical journey featuring international DJs performing piano concerts. This collaboration with Coke Studio assembled an impressive lineup of creative minds that never limit themselves to just one talent.

Moonshine Barn: Introduced as an inclusive and diverse family space, where visitors encountered the cabinet of curiosities and celebrated being themselves. The extraordinary became ordinary in this immersive experience.

Lady Joker: Hidden in the forest, Lady Joker, a creative force mastering music, poetry, theater, and dance, gave visitors a spirited weekend dance of excitement and eccentricity.

Soundrush / Trance Energy / Nachtcollege Area: The most technical area with motion in the roof, immersing visitors in a technical world that took them to a new dimension.

Nudist Beach: Visitors embraced a carefree atmosphere, dancing together in a beach environment, where outfits didn’t matter.

Bear Square: A picturesque décor that welcomed visitors with hugs and kisses, creating Instagram-worthy moments.

Pyramid Blackbox: An audio-visual experience at the top of the pyramid, taking visitors through the beginnings and highlights of 30 years of Mysteryland.

Mysteryland Pond: A fully furnished pond with sound and light installations for a beautiful immersive experience.

Shala Stretch Tent and Healing Garden: A haven for relaxation and spiritual adventures, offering cacao ceremonies, yoga, sound healing, and inspiring speeches.

Show Moments:

The festival featured memorable show moments on Friday, August 25th, including Midnight Bingo at the MainStage, a Pyromide Show at the Pyramid/Q-dance stage, and a special Happy Birthday Moment.

Fun Facts & Figures:

– Mysteryland celebrated its 30th anniversary, making it the longest-running electronic music event globally.

– The camping area welcomed 20,000 visitors.

– Over 300 artists performed across 22 stages.

– Mysteryland worked with 600+ delivery partners and 90+ food partners.

– The festival site featured 16 kilometers of fencing and 2 kilometers of beer pipes.

– 3500 people were part of Mysteryland’s crew per festival day.

– Stages and constructions used 600,000 screws and weighed 210 tons combined.

– The festival featured a total of 7200 lamps and 2800 kilograms of fireworks.

– The site included 50,000 square meters of wooden floors.

– Michel de Hey is the artist who played the most at Mysteryland.

– Mysteryland offers a wide variety of music genres, including Techno, Tech-house, House, Hardcore, Hardstyle, Hard-Techno, Ampiano, Urban, Latin, EDM, and Trance.


Milan Raven, Managing Director Mysteryland: “We look back on a fantastic anniversary edition. Together with nearly 140,000 visitors, we celebrated not only our 30th birthday but also life itself. I’m incredibly proud of what we accomplished as a team.” Artists like Hardwell, Timmy Trumpet, Sven Väth, and DION shared their thoughts on Mysteryland, expressing their love for the festival and its unique atmosphere.

First Timers and New Talents:

Mysteryland continues its tradition of showcasing new talents. In 2023, artists like Hugel, HI-LO, Marten Hoger, and more made their debut at the festival.

Brand Activations:

Several brands joined in the fun, including Coke Studio, Subway, and Holland Casino, hosting unique experiences and activities for festival-goers.

Camping Activities:

For campers, Mysteryland offered a range of activities, from stages and massages to swimming pools and afterparties.


The festival featured an Eat Your Heart Out food festival within Mysteryland, with over 80 food trucks serving a wide range of cuisines. Vegetarian and vegan options were also available.


Mysteryland’s commitment to sustainability was evident throughout the event. Circular cup systems, compostable disposables, and innovative testing grounds for sustainable startups were just a few of the initiatives in place.

Locally Generated Green Grid Power:

Mysteryland led the charge for Dutch music festivals by running almost entirely on green grid power. This move resulted in a significant reduction in CO2 emissions and set a new standard for sustainability.

Leave No Trace:

Mysteryland’s dedication to leaving no trace was evident in its meticulous cleanup efforts after the festival, ensuring the beautiful natural surroundings remained unspoiled.

Green Festival Soul:

Mysteryland’s commitment to sustainability has earned it several awards and certifications, including the EE Music Award for the highest reduction in energy consumption of all European festivals.

Save Energy:

Mysteryland operated on a strict energy policy, with all crew members and suppliers working to reduce energy consumption.

Free Water:

The festival provided free tap water to all attendees, reducing the need for single-use plastic bottles.

Recycle Store:

Mysteryland introduced a Recycle store, renting out items collected from other festival camping grounds, promoting reuse and reducing waste.

Camping Guardians:

The campsite featured Camping Guardians to assist campers and ensure their well-being throughout the festival.

Green Teams:

Over 70 Green Team members helped keep the festival and campsite clean, handing out garbage bags and maintaining a green environment.

Recycle Plan:

Mysteryland implemented a recycle plan where visitors received tokens for recycling cups and bottles, promoting responsible waste disposal.


Mysteryland served as a testing ground for innovative startups focused on sustainability, with initiatives ranging from recycling bins for bottles and cans to collecting urine for agricultural use.


A mandatory donation was in place for guest list attendees, supporting the festival’s sustainability initiatives, including green electricity.

Celebrate Safe:

The Celebrate Safe stand provided support and information for festival-goers, promoting a conscious and safe party atmosphere.

Are You Okay?:

Visitors were encouraged to look out for each other, asking, “Are you okay?” to ensure everyone had a safe and enjoyable experience.

Leave the Past Behind:

Mysteryland urged attendees to leave their worries behind and embrace the moment, fostering a positive and carefree atmosphere.

Magic Awaits:

The 30th-anniversary edition of Mysteryland proved that the magic of music, art, and sustainability can create an unforgettable experience. With a commitment to leaving no trace and a celebration of diversity and creativity, Mysteryland 2023 will be remembered as a milestone in the festival’s illustrious history. As the sun set on its 30th year, Mysteryland once again left its mark on the hearts of music enthusiasts worldwide, promising even more enchantment in the years to come.