Kate Moss, Sylvia Hoeks, Joan Smalls… For her next campaign,Valérie Messika has chosen to cast three contemporary icons that break the codes of Parisian jewelry.

I wanted to create a trio of girls, a gang that would represent women in their diversity and each of whom, whatever their age, would embody a type of beauty“, says Valérie Messika.

“Kate Moss has always been my muse, she is a Legend of fashion and a rock n’ roll icon. Kate is above all a free woman. As for Dutch actress Sylvia Hoeks, she seduced me with her personality and her character. Finally, I chose Joan Smalls for her spectacular physique. She gives off a very contemporary glamour.

Beyond jewelry, this trio has an attitude. They are strong women who breathe their own style into jewelry. They in uence diamonds and not the other way around. This is, in fact, the main characteristic of Messika’s jewelry.” Created by Mert & Marcus, this campaign infuses crazy energy into the Messika collections : the energy of diamonds. This new chapter is dedicated to My Twin collection – a perfect alliance of the elegant emerald cut and the curved pear cut.

With Kate Moss and Sylvia Hoeks, Messika celebrates the perfect union between the pear, emerald and oval cuts of the My Twin collection. As our muses, they add a nishing touch to these iconic pieces for a striking yet delicate result. Messika’s renown My Twin collection, suggests a new way of sealing one’s love, via the unexpected union of different cut diamonds. The different stones sit in contrast and harmony with each other. The pear cut diamond, which is both sensual and dazzling, marries with the emerald cut, which is more stylised and hypnotic, or even the oval cut, which is sweet and gentle. In the paired version, My Twin reinterprets the classic Toi & Moi iIn an architectural way where the emerald and pear stones are drawn to each other. In the trio style, Valerie Messika combines three cuts of diamonds and pays tribute to her favourite number. She takes it a step further by imagining an union where the juxtaposed diamonds celebrate endless love. My Twin proposes modern and elegant jewelleries that are engaged in a dance of light.

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