16 December



Charge your laptop and grab your best headphones because Lynk & Co is teaming up with Dekmantel, one of the biggest independent electronic music festivals in the world, to host Dekmantel Connects. The virtual event aims to not just entertain, but also share knowledge and make connections between artists, music fans, and everyone else missing festival season this year.



“From the start, we didn’t want to be a brand that simply slaps their logo on something and call it ‘sponsorship’ - we truly believe that investing and working close together with communities is the way to go, especially in a time where people, ideas, and creative initiatives are hurting. We’re really happy to be able to work with Dekmantel on this project, and hopefully we can see each other on a festival eld or club again very soon” – Robin van der Kaa, VP Marketing Lynk & Co.



As you might have guessed from the name: Dekmantel Connects is bringing together the music community, even when we can’t be together in person. Lynk & Co and Dekmantel make a natural dream team because of their shared values of uplifting creative communities and supporting artists—two things that are extra important this year as mu- sicians have been deeply affected by the pandemic. The event will celebrate local talent, offer guidance for aspiring musicians, and, of course, it’ll be a lot of fun as well.




In uncertain times, Dekmantel is grateful that they can collaborate with Lynk & Co to make Dekmantel Connects happen. The event is a tting end to a big year for Lynk & Co. The company launched their one-of-a-kind mobility membership in Europe in September 2020 and opened their Amsterdam Club in October 2020. Throughout it all, they’ve com- mitted to working with local partners, supporting sustainable initiatives, and investing in their community.



Dekmantel Connects runs from 14 –23 December and is 100% free for all to access. The event features live DJ sets and a schedule of educational content to help aspiring artists learn about the music industry. The 10-day event has ve workshops, ve panel con- versations, and three in-depth conversations with veteran artists on topics ranging from grant applications to the future of the music industry.