In 1992, with the birth of their ‘Angel’ perfume, the house of Mugler heralded a new era of sustainability in fragrance with their Mugler Fountain. This revolutionary system allows every Mugler Eau de Parfum to be refilled, either in the comfort of your own home with the Mugler refill bottles, or in-store using the Fountain. In the year 2022 the word sustainability is on everybody’s lips, but 30 years ago Mugler was among the first to actively tackle it’s own ecological footprint. To this day this beautiful initiative spares the need for 1.5 million extra bottles of perfume a year, and saves up to 380.000 kilos of glass. With the birth of the 2021 scent ‘Alien Goddess’, the Mugler Fountain allows for 100% less metal, 88% less plastic, 56% less cardboard and 54% less glass to be used every time the fragrance is refilled.


The wholly original Mugler Fountain idea was inspired by the 18th century high society’s perfume fountains, perfuming their interiors and replenishing their precious bottles with the finest fragrances. This tradition was brought up to date in 1992 with the release of Mugler Angel – a turning point which changed the fragrance world once and for all. It paved the way for ethical fragrance luxury that champions responsible development, waste reduction, and a one-on-one client service ahead of its time. With a semi-handcrafted star shaped bottle, containing the overindulgent scent made with the finest ingredients, this perfume is, since its launch, even more precious. To allow Mugler fragrance lovers to keep their beloved bottles, and to make its perfumes as accessible as possible, Mugler constantly upgrades, since its launch, this centuries-old tradition of perfume fountains, enabling customers to refill bottles endlessly.

Mugler was born refillable. All the Eaux de Parfum are available to be refilled at home with the Mugler Refill Bottles, and the iconic fragrances Angel and Alien are also refillable in store at the Fountain. The promise to provide more sustainable beauty, with a reduced environmental footprint, revolves around eco-design. These sustainable initiatives speak for themselves – every 25 seconds one Mugler bottle is refilled somewhere in the world, and thanks to the Mugler Fountain every year 1.5M bottles and 380 tons of glass are saved.

Pioneer of an audacious movement, Mugler fragrances were born decades ago with a vision of a sustainable luxury. The iconic Mugler fragrances were elevated to an eternal jewels status. To be refilled at the Fountain or at home thanks to the refill bottles, this eco-conscious gesture helps preserving the environment by reducing waste. At home, the refiling ritual also permits to reduce environmental impact. Mugler’s refill bottles contain 20% of recycled glass and allow to save more than 50% of plastic, cardboard and glass.

Apart from the object itself, the Mugler Fountain is a unique ritual and beauty advisors are its best ambassadors. This professional service is a responsible form of luxury, pioneered by Mugler, reflecting the brand’s spikiness and singularity.”

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