Morobé opened its second flagship boutique in the beating heart of Antwerp on 17 December. The Belgian luxury label is installing itself in a majestic Antwerp mansion on Arenbergstraat, which was home to the former Cocodrillo. For the refurbishment and design, designer Virginie Morobé and her partner and CFO David Damman engaged Glenn Sestig Architects, following the example of the Morobé boutique in Knokke. The Ghent-based architectural firm graciously immersed the iconic building in Morobé’s balnéaire DNA.

Behind the historic facade is a sculptural piece of architecture by Glenn Sestig Architects, stretching over 250 square metres. The imposing building combines rough, concrete surfaces with soothing, geometric compositions, previously designed by Glenn Sestig Architects on behalf of Cocodrillo. With Morobé settling in, Glenn Sestig gladly accepted the challenge of decisively weaving Morobé’s typical identity into his earlier design. Successfully and decisively. While retaining the concrete elements, Glenn Sestig Architects added tailor-made elements in line with Morobé’s distinctive identity and distinctive balnéaire style. Like no other, Glenn Sestig knew how to perfectly embroider the signature look of the flagship boutique in Knokke.