Canadian outerwear brand Moose Knuckles opened a pop-up store in PC Hooftstraat on Friday. "A conscious choice despite the uncertain future of analogue experiences," it says. While most companies have focused the lion's share of their attention on the digital landscape, Moose Knuckles has strayed from the pack and bolstered its digital efforts with an ingenious plan to provide what so many people in the world need now: space to connect with others. A bold choice that fits seamlessly with the company's pioneering attitude.

"We saw a shift in the consumer landscape – customers want to be surprised again and experience a buying experience – and therefore came up with this concept that focuses on experience, by (being able to) meet our community in their local habitat. The foundation of our brand is firmly rooted in the authentic and emotional connection with our customers worldwide. We are now taking it a step further by bringing our clothing and accessories to the local markets. We offer and seek solutions in these bizarre and challenging times. It's in our DNA, the spirit of our brand, to create and communicate energy. "Marco D'Avanzo – GM & Executive VP of Global Sales

The Amsterdam pop-up will be one to be seen and experienced. Once inside the 179 m2 building, you will be immersed in a titillating, digital concept. Strong contours are accented with iridescent gold pieces that simulate how kinetic energy takes the form of heat and fills the world with heat. Like all stores, the furnishings and architecture were done by the legendary and experiential design agency Bureau Betak, which has previously collaborated with brands such as Louis Vuitton and Yves Saint Laurent. "This new pop-up is a play with contrasting and daring materials. A dynamic composition of digital screens & mannequins. An unexpected and futuristic vision of luxury." – Simon Caillaud, Global Head of Design, Bureau Betak

Each pop-up contains a mix of the different FW20 product lines, including the Power Puff collection, a brand new line full of reversible & machine washable puffers that reinvent the usefulness of outdoor clothing. The pop-ups will continue to appear all year round. All locations will comply with global COVID-19 safety protocols, as will their traditional retail locations, which have all been reopened. A full list of the locations can be found at the bottom of the appendix.

The pop-up in Amsterdam is there, as befits a pop-up, unfortunately only temporarily: it will close its doors again at the end of February 2021. In the store, the various collections: active-flex, fly density, power puff (reversible), sportswear and accessories, for both men and women, as well as children's collections will be offered. Address: PC Hooftstraat 105.