Moose Knuckles FW21 collection, PRISM, marks the emergence of a limitless horizon with endless possibilities bringing together luxury, performance, and style to keep you warm, dry, and wild.

Taking the purity and serenity of the Canadian tundra anchored in our foundational roots and the brand’s dedication to making the world’s warmest parkas, Moose Knuckles is in its optimal position for elevation and evolution delivering a collection representative of polished utility with edge. 

For direction, Moose Knuckles focused on their Iconic Collection, the pillar of the brand for a guiding light. From there, light was directed through a prism of creativity to produce a full spectrum of new ideas, expressions, and territories.

For FW21, the four outerwear collections include:

Blue collection:

Dedicated to maintaining a blue-sky attitude despite dropping temps and grey skies fall might bring with it, this collection focuses on freedom and mobility acting as an “all-weather” expansion of SS21.

White collection:

Returning to the brand’s Canadian Tundra roots, Moose Knuckles looks at a utilitarian past to inform an equally functional yet more aesthetically pleasing present. Check patterns, wool, shearlings, and leather set the standard for city-oriented functionality.

Red collection:

Using the brand’s trademark premium down, 4-layer construction, and durable hardware alongside Nyluxe–a beautiful new fabric with a luxurious hand and radiant sheen that doesn't sacrifice durability or function.

Gold Collection:

Key styles seen throughout the collection are elevated here through the lens of Moose Knuckles’ iconic Gold series including refined fits, non-fur options, velvet/velour and patch detailing, and shearling trims.