“The Man on the Moon calls again ‘Listen, beloved,
to the soft approach of Night”

For ASH ls SS’23 couture collection, it all began with a fantastic vision, an epic tale of love just beyond the horizon, two lovers named Penelope and Orion lost between remote worlds. As the fantasy goes, she remains trapped on a desolate earth ravaged by dust and he on the moon, a pristine sanctuary she longs to reach. Our heroine toils beneath the sun, gathering dust and ashes that make up the scorched terrain around her to erect a mountain tall enough to summit above the atmosphere and finally join her love among the stars.

The collection of dresses and ensembles represents a return to roots for the brand, seizing the moment to delve deep into its maximal impulses while maintaining the pure lines ofits amplified silhouettes. This season the selection offers a twist on devastated glamour as wanderers of solemn landscapes in majestic shrouds.

The textures compose shredded organzas and wisps of frayed mohair, volcanic crystal appliqués and crushed stones with dangling pearl charms in harmonious arrangements. Figure-hugging outlines act as heroic body-armor and over-blown shapes mimic natural rock formations, juxtaposing one another with masterful balance.