The ideal mindfulness tool for stress-reducing breathing exercises

Have you discovered Moonbird yet? This beautifully designed must-have tool makes doing calming breathing exercises easy, tangible and also fun. Simply follow the movement of this “bird” in your hand with your breathing. The accompanying app then shows you how well your body relaxes. A little more with each breath.

A natural solution to instantly relieve stress

Our mental health is increasingly in the spotlight. This is a beautiful movement, but also worrisome when you consider that more and more people are struggling with (chronic) stress and stress-related complaints. It is more important than ever to find practical solutions that really help to arm ourselves against the intensity of our hectic and stimulus-laden lives. 

This is precisely the idea from which moonbird was born. The originally Belgian company was founded in 2019 by brother and sister Stefanie and Michael Broes, who saw in their environment more and more friends and family members struggling with stress, anxiety and sleep problems. With moonbird, they developed a unique tool that makes doing breathing exercises tangible and easy. 

Since then, moonbird has already helped nearly 10,000 people get a better night’s sleep, less brooding thoughts, a stronger nervous system and a more relaxed existence. After all, conscious, slow breathing acts like the pause button on a hectic day, instantly calming your body and brain. Rest we all long for, but often have a hard time finding. 

Scientifically based help with stress reduction

Mindful breathing, as Indian yogis and Buddhist monks have known for hundreds of years, is the most powerful and effective way to reduce stress, which, moreover, is available to us anytime, anywhere. Meanwhile, this ancient knowledge has also been confirmed by science.

  • Less stress 

Research shows that by breathing slowly for just 10 minutes, we feel 15% more relaxed.

  • Faster falling asleep and better sleeping through

Breathe slowly for 20 minutes before diving into bed, and fall asleep 15 minutes earlier. According to this scientific study, doing breathing exercises also helps us wake up at night half as often as normal.

  • Less anxiety and panic

Those who do breathing exercises three times a day for at least three days reduce their anxiety by as much as 20%. 

For the founders, it was important to work closely with experts from the medical and scientific worlds, including doctors, psychologists and therapists. “We wanted to develop a device that was in line with scientific findings while being as user-friendly as possible,” says Stefanie Broes, CEO and co-founder, about their motivation for creating moonbird. 

“We were all about finding a working solution to the problems we saw in our environment. Scientifically, the solution was obvious: the importance of good breathing for relaxation and stress reduction has long been known. But applying it is a second. What was missing was a tool that was easy and intuitive to use, and moreover good to use in any situation. For this, we worked and continue to work with scientists, coaches, therapists and, of course, our end users.”