Montell Fish drips the Thursday single of the 1017 ALYX 9SM Compilation vol.1 with “Minotaur’s Song” .A child of divorce, Fish (born Montell Frazier) grew up exploring alternate realities with a secular dad and a Christian mom. Not only were the beliefs and lifestyles explored with each parent dichotomous, but his musical education was as well. Somewhere within the liminal space an adolescent Montell began to experiment with weed, psychedelics, and sex, culminating in a point of depression. I needed something to bring me out of the way I was thinking.” On New Year’s Day 2015, Fish stopped having sex, stopped drinking, stopped smoking, and replaced his habits of disassociation with a returned devotion to his mom and step-dad’s Christianity. With a faith-focused path, Montell began blending the musical references of his childhood to create “music for God.”

Matthew M. Williams has a long-standing history in music: from previously being a creative director for global artists to custom fashion show soundtracks and musical collaborations, alternative and subversive music cultures remains a continued focus for the designer’s work. In collaboration with longtime friend, Alamo records founder & CEO Todd Moscowitz, the two joined forces to curate a project of original, avant-garde music around the latest 1017 ALYX 9SM collection.

Produced by Alamo Records, the compilation will feature a selection of artists, curated by Matthew M. Williams, and will see singles dropping over the summer with the full compilation set to be released in the middle of September.

Listen to Montell Fish’s “Minotaur’s Song” from the 1017 ALYX 9SM Compilation vol.1 now at: