Montblanc’s new global brand campaign – What Moves You, Makes You – brings to life the Maison’s mission to inspire people to express their full potential on their own terms, and celebrates those who have found their own original path to rewriting the codes of success for the 21st century. Launching in late August 2020, the campaign highlights authentic stories supporting the idea that following your passion defines you as a person.

The campaign captures the inspiring journeys of award- winning screenwriter and lmmaker Spike Lee with a legacy that has impacted culture in undeniable ways, actor Taron Egerton with an incredible journey ahead of him, and actor and school founder Chen Kun who constantly nds new ways to give back to his community while pursuing his love for creativity.

“With this new campaign, we are engaging with a new global generation of leaders and professionals, inspiring them to achieve their full potential as they journey through a life led by passion. It expresses a new aspiration to live a life where the professional and personal don’t compete with each other, but enrich one another. While at different stages in their careers, the three creative catalysts we are spotlighting are living proof that following what moves you, ultimately leads you to a place of ful lment and success,” says Vincent Montalescot, Montblanc EVP Marketing.