With every Great Characters Edition, Montblanc puts fine craftsmanship at the service of culture to tell the story of cultural icons who made their mark on the history of humankind. 

The latest character being a young musician from Tupelo, Mississippi who went on to be referred to as the King of Rock ’n’ Roll. Elvis Presley is still celebrated today for electrifying the world. With over one billion records sold,the American singer and guitar player turned the music world upside down, breaking through the barriers between Black and White music to create his own personal rock ‘n’ roll style with his powerful, emotionally loaded voice.

Created from select materials and shaped by highly skilled Montblanc artisans with great care and artistry, the collection is made up of three writing instruments, each one paying tribute to an important stage of Elvis’ career: a Special Edition inspired by his special 1968 comeback concert, a Limited Edition 1935 evoking his time in Las Vegas and a Limited Edition 98 based on the “Aloha from Hawaii” concert broadcast via satellite to 1.5 billion people across 40 countries.

Many design details of the Special Edition are inspired by one of the artist’s great passions: cars. Elvis Presley's heart beat for sleek tail fins, ultra-comfort and powerful V8 engines with a wild sound that was like music to his ears. The silhouette of the writing instrument is inspired by the shape of a spark plug, and his quote “Ambition is a dream with a V8 engine” is embossed on the cone. The V shape of the clip and its 8-hole design reminiscent of the engine block are a further tribute to Elvis Presley’s love of cars.

The pattern on the cap and barrel are inspired by a ring custom-made for the famous “Aloha in Hawaii” concert. The top of the clip is decorated with the initials “EP” in reference to the design of his sunglasses. The barrel is adorned with “Elvis has left the building”, the memorable words spoken by the concert announcers at the end of numerous live appearances in the 60s and 70s informing his audiences there would be no more encores so that the crowd would leave the venue.

To complete the writing experience, Montblanc is introducing a limited edition ink in Old Glory Blue inspired by the stars and stripes from his stage costumes, as well as a white leather notebook with digital print and stud design of the eagle. The incomparable style of the “King” lives on in a pair of steel and lacquer round “Elvis” cufflinks, and a steel and leather bracelet.