Montblanc spotlights the indelible mark artists have left on the collective culture with its Masters of Art collector line, a series of collections honouring great artists’ quest for self-expression across disciplines. The line’s second collection pays tribute to the creative visionary Gustav Klimt, considered one of the most important artists of Art Nouveau and symbolism. The Montblanc Masters Of Arts Collection – Homage to Gustav Klimt features 5 distinct editions.  

Masters of Art Homage to Gustav Klimt Limited Edition 4810 celebrates his artistic beginnings in the Vienna Secession and highlights elements from his masterpieces Pallas Athene and The Kiss in its design. Masters of Art Homage to Gustav Klimt Limited Edition 888 commemorates Klimt’s active commitment to the Vienna Secession and features design highlights from his Beethoven Frieze the large format masterpiece created for the Secession building.  The solid Au 750 yellow gold overlay on the platinum-coated cap features spirals and vertical lines resembling a lyre, paying homage to the Beethoven Frieze’s golden ornamentation.   

Limited to 161 pieces, the Montblanc Masters of Art Homage to Gustav Klimt Limited Edition 161 is inspired by Klimt’s The Kiss and his love for Japanese art. Engravings on the rose gold cone and silver cap echo The Kiss’s ornamentation. The barrel, crafted using Japanese lacquering techniques, radiates a gold-infused aura, with a green aventurine cabochon in the cone evoking spring. Artistic milestones from Klimt’s ‘Golden Phase’, including the portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer, The Kiss, and the Stoclet Frieze, inspire the Montblanc Masters of Art Homage to Gustav Klimt Limited Edition 97.  

The rarest edition, limited to eight pieces to symbolise luck in Asian cultures, the Masters of Art Homage to Gustav Klimt Limited Edition 8 celebrates the Vienna Secession and the Stoclet Frieze. The cap and barrel feature a luminous white marble underlay with solid Au 750 gold skeleton decoration adorned by mother-of-pearl, black onyx, and jade inlays.

In addition to the five limited edition writing instruments, a notebook with a gold-coloured cover decorated with geometric shapes and a deep blue ink presented in a signature Montblanc glass ink bottle complete the writing experience. Montblanc is also introducing a set of round Cufflinks in gold-coated hammered metal inspired by the great master’s use of gold.