The MONTBLANC HAUS in Hamburg presents the INSPIRE WRITING | FILMMAKING temporary exhibition to celebrate 100 years of Meisterstück and the role of writing in filmmaking.

To celebrate 100 years of its iconic Meisterstück writing instrument and the Maison’s anniversary campaign, Montblanc unveils a new temporary exhibition at the MONTBLANC HAUS in Hamburg. Opening on June 6th, 2024, the exhibition highlights writing as one of the cornerstones of filmmaking and embodies the new anniversary campaign written and directed by Academy Award-winning filmmaker Wes Anderson. The temporary exhibition, titled INSPIRE WRITING | FILMMAKING, guides visitors through the ‘behind-the-scenes’ of the filmmaking process: from sources of inspiration to ideas on paper, culminating in a cinematic masterpiece. Guests can step into the re-imagined studio set from the brand campaign film and immerse themselves into the inspiring universe of filmmaking.

“Without the foundational art of screenwriting, the magic of movies could never come to life. Putting pen to paper is the crucial first step in crafting compelling narratives, developing characters, and building captivating worlds, such as the one created for Montblanc by Wes Anderson. This exhibition aims to provoke new ideas and emotions, inviting the world to rediscover the timeless art of writing through a new and perhaps unexpected lens,” says Vincent Montalescot, Montblanc Chief Marketing and Merchandising Officer.

Located in direct proximity to Montblanc’s headquarters and manufacturing facility where the Maison’s writing instruments are crafted, the MONTBLANC HAUS, opened in 2022, tells the story of Montblanc’s history, craftsmanship, and the impact of its writing instruments. The permanent INSPIRE WRITING exhibition and annual temporary exhibitions highlight the value of writing in helping people express their full potential.