Get ready to dance to the beat of groundbreaking techno as Monnom Black, the iconic techno label, marks its 10-year anniversary in an electrifying event at Lofi on September 9th. Known for pushing genre boundaries and fostering emerging talent, you must not miss this celebration of the electronic music scene.

Monnom Black has redefined techno over the last decade, consistently delivering mind-bending sounds that have left a permanent mark. Beyond the beats, the label’s commitment to nurturing new talent has solidified its role as a leading force in shaping the future of electronic music.

The upcoming showcase at Lofi promises to capture Monnom Black’s essence, celebrating both its accomplishments and the vibrant techno community it has cultivated. With a reputation for curating outstanding lineups, Monnom Black events unite music lovers under the banner of uncompromising techno.

Lofi, known for its intimate atmosphere and dedication to underground sounds, is the perfect venue for this landmark event. As the countdown begins, the excitement in the community is palpable. Join the celebration of a decade, of pushing boundaries, nurturing talent, and defining the cutting edge of techno. It’s a night that encapsulates the spirit of Monnom Black and the techno movement it represents.

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published by Nadia ten Hove