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After years of club DJ residencies and party organization. Label boss Mojeaux aka Ricardo Lund has been marinating in the electronic dance scene for over a decade. Starting out as a music collector from his early teens, Ricardo has been on an evolving musical journey for many years. His influences vary from video game sound tracks to electronica, new age, disco, house, techno, reggae, 80’s pop and beyond.

Over the years he has developed a distinctive palette of sounds, which is present in his live shows and productions. Jazzy tones, persistent bass lines, swingy rhythms and hints of soul are all signature aspects of Mojeaux’s sound, which can be either uplifting, melancholic, or truly deep and hypnotic. His live sets can be very technical, crafting a unique sound with his exceptional ability on the machines.

Whenever he isn’t creating new sounds for the dance floor, he serves as a recording and mixing engineer at Rakoon Sound Studios in Miami, FL, working with countless artists of different backgrounds and genres.

A true electronic musician, producer, and engineer; Mojeaux does not cease to show his commitment for breaking barriers in electronic music as an artist and community member.