Moët & Chandon is proud to present their Grand Vintage 2013. It is the 75th vintage in the house’s history and is made from grapes harvested in 2013 and blended to represent the brilliant maturity of the best harvest in thirty years. 

This beautiful vintage is characterized by delicious autumn aromas, an energetic balance and a well-defined structure. In addition, the house also markets the Grand Vintage Rosé 2013. These magnificent wines, aged for seven years in the house’s cellars, show that Moët & Chandon still excels in winemaking.


This 2013 Grand Vintage is extra brut and is distinguished by the chiseled structure and energetic balance on the palette, the light golden yellow color and the fine, persistent bubbles. 

In a year when the chardonnay grapes had matured beautifully, the cellar master made the bold choice to fortify the carefully selected pinot noir grapes, which had been set aside especially for this Grand Vintage. The result is a slightly dominant chardonnay (41%) balanced with a noticeable presence of pinot noir (38%) surrounded by the rounded contours of meunier (21%).

The Grand Vintage Rosé 2013 is the 44th vintage rosé in the history of the house, it is also delicately chiseled, has generous aromas and a spicy fruitiness that defines the mouthfeel. The structure comes from the dominant pinot noir (44% of which 14% comes from red wine), the elegance of the chardonnay (35%) and finally the presence of the meunier (21%).


A tender veal rib is a good starting point for a wine-food combination with the 2013 Grand Vintage, while lobster shows off the best texture and juiciness in the 2013 Grand Vintage Rosé. Additional ingredients such as lemon pickled for the 2013 Grand Vintage and a passion fruit jelly for the 2013 Grand Vintage Rosé are chosen to express the smooth, inviting style of the champagne and the contrasting elements that express the refreshing notes of deliciously tangy grapefruit to manifest itself in the aftertaste.

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Moët & Chandon’s Grand Vintages are available at select stores and the most exclusive restaurants. They are ideal for celebrating milestones or accompanying shared lavish experiences with gourmet treats.

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