The sports icon and global ambassador of the House is the first to guest-star in a new video series “Through the eyes of…” in which he asks everything he ever wanted to know about Champagne, both the land and the wine.

Moët & Chandon is pleased to announce that Roger Federer will star in “Through the eyes of…,” a new video series that showcases the richness of Champagne through the eyes of select friends of the House.  In humorously entertaining short videos, the global ambassador returns to Epernay, home to Moët & Chandon since 1743, to meet the people of the House and seek answers to some of the questions he always wanted to ask about the region’s unique terroir and the celebrated champagnes of the Maison.

In the first season of “Through the eyes of…,” it is an authentic and friendly Roger – the man behind the sports icon – who strolls through the vineyards, dips his hands into the soil, and engages in spontaneous conversation with the men and women behind the champagnes of the House. He learns first-hand from in-house experts about biodiversity and sustainable viticulture, priorities to which Moët & Chandon has been deeply committed since 2007.  Descending into the cellars, he shares light-hearted moments with Benoît Gouez, Cellar Master of Moët & Chandon, as the pair travel back in time to trace the imperial heritage of the Maison’s signature champagne, and contemplate popping the cork of some of the oldest vintages in the cellars. 

This journey behind-the-scenes was one of the most authentic moments I have ever experienced in Champagne because I sensed the true passion of the people of Moët & Chandon, and that alone will make my next toast even more memorable,” said Roger Federer.

The new series, set to be released this fall, is a breathtaking work of cinematography by the renowned French photographer and film director Eric Valli.  An Academy Award nominee with a long list of prestigious prizes, Valli is best known for his masterful nature photography. For the “Through the eyes of …” series filmed on location in Epernay, Valli turned his lens to the vineyards and the cellars of the Maison to capture the light, colors and textures of the local sites, and the spirit of those who make up the close-knit community of Moët & Chandon.

The estate of Moët & Chandon was especially seductive to the camera and every detail, from the vineyards to the cellars, allowed me to capture the beauty of the region and the devotion of Moët & Chandon’s community to the art of champagne-making,” said Eric Valli.

Future seasons of the “Through the eyes of …” series will track other friends of the House as they discover, through personal encounters with winegrowers and winemakers, the richness of the Epernay estate and the breadth of the winemaking savoir-faire reflected in Moët & Chandon’s champagnes.