From 15 to 25 April, Moët & Chandon will open the ‘Moët & Chandon Canal House’ on the Herengracht in Amsterdam. A pop-up champagne bar in the heart of Amsterdam where you can expect the unexpected and discover the magic of the exquisite champagne from Moët & Chandon during tastings, activities and surprising acts. Drink a glass of Moët Impérial at the bustling bar or in the living room with a view of the canal and protect one square meter of nature through EarthToday.


Moët & Chandon masters the art of celebration like no other. The best time of the day to celebrate is the aperitif. You end the day with an aperitif, you get together with friends, the sun goes down and the cork of the bottle pops open. Drink a glass of champagne at the bustling bar or in the living room with a view of the Herengracht or book a champagne tasting where, in addition to tasting various champagnes from Moët & Chandon, you also broaden your knowledge of bubbles. Behind the doors of the Moët & Chandon Canal House is not only champagne, you can book all kinds of activities here and expect unexpected acts. You can book an activity with well-known names such as Alain Clark, Danie Bles, Ron Simpson and Ronald van der Kemp, but spontaneous acts also take place while you drink a glass of Moët & Chandon. Do you want to know on which day you can book the activities? Keep an eye on .

“Much like his champagne, as soon as Monsieur Moët enters the rooms boredom disappears”, Jean-Remy Moët.


The Moët & Chandon Canal House will be located at 433 Herengracht in Amsterdam from April 15. The pop-up champagne bar takes place in Chapter 4 of The Collection. The Collection is a collection of eleven high-quality, historic office buildings in the center of Amsterdam. The Collection offers high-end office spaces linked to an unparalleled network of services and facilities with a hospitality-driven experience. The location on Herengracht, around the corner from Leidsestraat, will be transformed into a champagne bar in April, an experience where you can enjoy a delicious glass of champagne, but also learn more about the famous bubbles. The interior was specially designed for this location by Buro Foelie in collaboration with the Scandinavian interior brand Jotex . The Moët & Chandon Canal House can be visited from 15 to 25 April. The vibrant centerpiece of the building is the champagne bar, where, in addition to champagne, surprising amuse-bouche are also served. Walk in spontaneously or book a spot for a tasting or activity via , where you will soon also find the most current opening times.


Moët & Chandon invites all attendees to their own scintillating events around the world, building on their tradition of grandeur and generosity, to raise a glass of champagne and join the charitable initiative ‘Toast for a Cause’. An initiative that first saw the light of day on the Hollywood red carpet in 2009. Every toast made by a friend of the champagne house symbolizes a reason to celebrate togetherness. EarthToday is a large-scale initiative to protect 50% of the Earth before 2050, meter by meter. Through EarthToday you can protect square meters of nature, for € 1.20 per square metre. For every glass drunk in the Moët & Chandon Canal House, Moët & Chandon donates that amount to EarthToday and protects one square meter of nature. For example, Moët & Chandon is committed to protecting not only the terroir of the Champagne region, but also the rest of the planet.


Through you will find information and times about the events and champagne tastings. The Moët & Chandon Canal House is freely accessible from Friday 15 April to Monday 25 April, for the events and champagne tastings ticket sales start at the beginning of April via . Moët & Chandon Canal House follows the RIVM corona guidelines and measures that apply at that time. Keep the website  so keep a close eye on opening times.