For this collection MKDT Studio took the slow approach, and dove into the dry and colder spectrum. A muted color scale, working with the tonal charts rather than contrasts. Initially inspired by interior textiles, the heavy, the tactile salt and pepper and shapes of furniture. It is rooted in the French sitting room from the 60s, sophisticated and rounded, and steered the collection into a rich and sculptural expression. 

The Pre-Spring 2024 design board took off from the balance between this feeling of home, a cocoon, and the need to breech out and socialize again. MKDT Studio balances on the limb of dressing up, and yet, feeling homely and comfortable, soft suiting, warm merino knits and pajamas notes to the garments with details that still brings the mind to the festive season. So, as an ode to the classic smoking, MKDT Studio created trans-functional and casual styles, nodding to the elegant detailing, giving them vertical striped lining along the front and a beautiful plaquette. 

Studying interior, came an inspiration to develop a take on the perennial house coat, inspired by extravagant and characteristic design talent Tony Duquette. From the 30s to the 70s, working with costume and set design for film and later moved into interior design, he was known for how his creations submerged us into lavish shapes and maximalism. Duquette would be wearing his house coat on all occasions, which is why MKDT Studio wanted to create transferable garment, comfortable, sophisticated, and in our seasonally developed rose print. 

For the Pre-Spring 2024 collection they have played with two main silhouettes, the classic oversized, heavy bottoms, and slouchy contours as well as the more accentuated waist, almost like a contemporary corset, slim shoulder, and voluminous sleeves in crisp and full materials like lightly boiled wool and jacquard. The play on form gives the collection a contrast that complements the muted tones in the color scale, something that feels drawing and bridges to feminine. 

Committed to develop and reinvent pieces that feel current, bringing them into a more contemporary light, it is all meant to enhance crepe georgette line. True to season there is also a flowing skirt, a long slender dress, and a voluminous blazer with slouchy more feminine shoulders. Further developing the silhouette of this buttery soft fabric, giving it a new expression. 

The color scale ranges are aligned and at ease, with colder shades like cold crème, silver lining, sea foam to a tactile warm white, clay, dark dream and granite. Breaking it up with a blurred print, hand drawn delicate stripes and an abstract, almost uneasy, watered out black and white.