The ocean connects us. It brings us out, takes us home. Its vast waters caressing the shores around the globe. Reflects us, whether it is raw and untamed, or serene and at ease.   

With the Spring Summer 2024 collection we pay homage to the ocean. We have studied the subtle and abstract life in and around the sea to capture the unique atmosphere it brings. Fascinated by the many faces of the folk by the seaside, either dressed up or steadily in workwear, we set off to reinvent the refined riviera attire and elegant silhouettes of the 1920s and 1930s era. Drawing upon the hues of sand and sea to form the color palette, we developed a poetic collection with a dry, tactile feel.   

Stretching across the horizon, the ocean has through our design process inspired us to seek both below and above the surface. Studying the natural forms and the treasures it conceals.  Inspired by the remarkable Korean pearl diving women, known as the Haenyeo, which literally translates to “ocean women,” we have incorporated pearls into the collection. For generations these women have dived off the southern coast of South Korea without oxygen, some of them being up to 90 years old.   

Elevating our craftsmanship further, we are from this season introducing our atelier collection. Rooted in our brand’s heritage of meticulous hand-crafted detailing, for this season we have created exquisite pearl embroidery, embellishing the garments, resembling water droplets that gracefully trickle across the fabric.  

Our atelier has worked with 4.300 of the finest Swarovski pearls and beads, to bring the Spring Summer 2024 atelier collection to life.   

As a nod to the weathered seafarers and coastal dwellers, the season breathes salt and sea. Elegant scarves and collars have been interwoven into the collection, while raw dry edges harmonize with the sharp lines and gentle curves. The collection is crafted from premium materials with volume and movement in light shades of wick, sand, and water. And the finest linen silk has been shaped into asymmetrical forms, creating a fluidity reminiscent of waves upon the fabric. Like the gentle ripples across the surface.

published by Nadia ten Hove