Nathalie Djurberg and Hans Berg

“the animated monster is our repression and anxiety, our hidden collective unconscious, our unacknowledged desires and unspeakable fears – a process of revealing the secrets of the self, and at the same time an encounter with the real other.”

Since 2004 Nathalie Djurberg and hans berg have worked closely together as an artistic duo. Through videos, animations, installations and sculptural works they create narratives suspended between the grotesque and the dramatic and evoke scenarios charged with emotional tension. Djurberg has developed an original style of filmmaking using clay animation, while berg has composed atmospheric music and hypnotic scores for their videos and installations. Their practice plumbs the depths of human desires and animal instincts enacting myths, legends and singular visions.

Nathalie Djurberg and Hans Berg currently live and work in Alingsas, Sweden and London, United Kingdom. born in Lysekil, Sweden i n 1978, Nathalie Djurberg received her mfa from malm art academy, Sweden i n 2002. Hans Berg was born in Rattvik, Sweden in 1978 and is a musician, producer and composer, working mainly with electronic music. They have exhibited widely together in solo and group shows, including the 53rd Venice biennale, Italy in 2009, and their work is featured in several public and private collections around the world.