Updated visual language 

Unusual colours, innovative fabrics, iconic features and new symbols. The result is a stronger and playful identity where functionality and aesthetics follow on from simplification of the shape.
The fabric is the very soul of the Missoni brand. It is an emotional driver, compelling, and the main design feature of the furnishing range. The brand heritage lies in the heart and soul of the all-time classic designs. New lifeblood is generated also by innovative patterns. While colour and art are key factors, multiform textiles are the other distinctive feature. 


A new family member is joining the classic Missoni icons.
Perspective and colour enhance the dynamic appeal of bright and fresh colours woven with white geometric forms.
It’s a typical Missoni idea to take textile elements as inspiration, transforming them into decorative macro-designs. In the Nastri fabric, the jacquard design in six colour variations creates 3D effects and is used to cover seats, cushions and multi-shape pouffes like the new Ciambellone and Panettone.
The same pattern is used to liven up cashmere plaids, hexagonal coffee tables, and other accessories, also becoming the leitmotif of the Missoni Nastri Tableware collection (produced and distributed under licence by Arnolfo di Cambio). 

Engaging contrasts 

Contrast is the impetus behind the Missoni playful effects. Black and white versus colour, a clash that connects, where two different worlds offer the chance to arrange furnishing in complete freedom.
The black and white range is expansive with bold, light or scattered patterns. The micro-macro flame pattern, wavy and soft zigzags, the intricate trompe l’oeils. Strong contrasts to be attenuated with sophisticated greys, shades of white (chalk, ivory, beeswax), variations of fresh and pale hues. Surprising flashes of colour are found in the multicolour wall artwork, in the midnight blue and sunny yellow of the mohair velvets. 

Large/small soft shapes 

An easy-living concept for all the seats, interlocking and in modular forms. The upholsteries with the typical Missoni patterns make them unique.
Taking centre stage is the Pouffe: decorative lightness and a precise design shape. The geometric cubes, cylinders and hexagons are matched with new playful shapes of doughnuts or panettone. Not to mention the countless versions of cushions, classic or oversize, all different yet perfect for mix’n’match. 

The oversize and colourful rugs are high-impact, real decorative tableaux.