The Missoni alphabet, realigned into a new language: light, fast, energetic. New words that arise from familiar letters, which are changed in scale, reread in order, put into another perspective, rationalized. Fiammato, zig zag, patchwork. But also pinstripes, and stripes. And rachel, culled from womenswear. All these words are spoken on jackets, cardigans, vests, pullovers, trousers, bowling shirts, shorts. A timeless and ageless wardrobe.

A reduction to the essential, which translates the comfort of knitwear dressing into a transversal mindset that touches everything, from the cardigan to the suit. Relax as a rule: loose silhouettes, spontaneity, immediacy, a lack of constraints. Sport as a dynamic attitude, captured in the shapes, in the graphic borders, in the volumes.

A disciplined idea of put together, harmonious instead of kaleidoscopic, always unexpected, and subtly seditious. Monochromy, translating patterns into textures, maximizing single notes of color. Colors, as an alphabet of light. White that is a sum of all of them and lights up the palette. Graphic black and white that gives rhythm. Missoni, spoken in the present tens.