Minimal Collective takes over De School during the venue’s final ADE with a multidisciplinary day-to-night programme.

Operating at the intersection of music, art, and technology, Amsterdam-based platform Minimal Collective takes over De School, presenting Post-Hypnotism. Within this renewed club experience on Thursday, October 19th during Amsterdam Dance Event, the audience will be introduced to a carefully curated blend of (digital) art, DJ- and live acts such as GiGi FM & Sunju Hargun, Polygonia (live) and Spekki Webu & Woody92, as well as debut acts by French artist A Strange Wedding (live) & the Japanese DJ MARIA.

With a strong emphasis on multidisciplinarity, the daytime programme contains panels discussing the future of Artificial Intelligence in the art and cultural sector, next to a joint listening session venture with Kantarion Sound featuring live acts and a custom-installed soundsystem. The introspective day programme organically flows into a dynamic night roster

spread across multiple rooms with unique back-to-backs by Anthony Linell & Philippa Pacho and Australian duo Andy Garvey & DJ Scorpion, alongside local talent Loek Frey, and artist debut of Konsudd, consisting of Konduku and AA Sudd.

Additionally, the programme features art installations in collaboration with the renowned multidisciplinary artist Boris Acket. Throughout day and night, a manifestation of spatial and light art will be spread across the venue as crossovers take place between Acket’s TIJDSDUUR exhibition and artists curated by the collective.

Since its establishment in 2016, Minimal Collective has strived to foster a community that serves as a breeding ground for cross-pollination. During the De School’s final Amsterdam Dance Event, visitors are challenged to explore the role of electronic music and art as a catalyst to reconnect with ourselves and each other – as rituals do.

With Post-Hypnotism, club-goers, artists, music enthusiasts, and everyone in between are invited to dive into a club experience at the forefront of electronic music enhanced by multi-sensory forces, transcending the body and mind in a collective state.

Minimal Collective x De School presents: Post-Hypnotism will take place Thursday, October 19th at De School, Amsterdam.