In the hush of our changing social culture, a soft shift takes hold, offering new exciting opportunities during the festive season. Research reveals that 49% of drinkers are curious about cocktails with non-alcoholic “strong” beverages, making it an ideal time to embrace the Mindful Drinking movement. 

In the soft glow of tomorrow’s sunrise or the lingering warmth of yesterday’s Christmas feast, or maybe just because the night doesn’t call for spirits – opt for Mindful Drinking, a journey into consciousness, understanding why and how much we let the spirits dance within us. Indeed, alcohol still plays a role in important social occasions, including the holidays. But as culture evolves, we transition to a more conscious and balanced way of drinking. 

Once, the anthem of the average millennial revolved around excessive consumption of chemically vibrant alcoholic beverages, but for the younger generation, the symphony has changed. Research indicates 49% of drinkers are intrigued by non-alcoholic drinks, with Gen Z consuming 20% less alcohol than millennials, driven by increased awareness of alcohol’s risks and a growing health-conscious lifestyle.

As preferences evolve, traditional drinking culture is changing. Rooted in quality time with loved ones, this culture aligns with the Italian dolce vita lifestyle, reflecting MARTINI’s values. Hosting a holiday gathering involves creating the perfect atmosphere, and with an increasing number of Mindful Drinkers, mocktails become indispensable. Consider MARTINI Floreale and Vibrante, non-alcoholic aperitifs made from 100% natural ingredients, for a delightful holiday season.

Explore innovative mocktail inspiration with the recipes below to elevate your gatherings.

MARTINI Festivo - For that touch of bittersweet
Ingredients (for 1 cocktail):

● 50 ml MARTINI Non-Alcoholic Vibrante
● 50 ml Blood Orange
● 50 ml Cranberry Juice
● Ice cubes
Fill a wine glass with ice cubes and pour in the ingredients. Gently stir to combine all flavors and garnish. Feel free to experiment with your garnish and make it your own! Sit back, sip, and enjoy.
Caffé Cocktail - A variation on the Espresso Martini

●  50ml MARTINI Non-Alcoholic Vibrante
●  20ml lemon juice
●  50ml espresso
●  Ice cubes
●  A good splash of tonic
●  Garnish: grated dark chocolate

Put all the ingredients in the shaker except the tonic and garnish, shake quickly. Once everything is well shaken, pour the cocktail into a glass with ice and add a splash of tonic. Garnish with grated chocolate.
Vibrante Spritz - For those who love fresh and fruity

●  75 ml MARTINI Non-Alcoholic Vibrante
●  25 ml grapefruit juice
●  10 ml sparkling water
●  Ice cubes
●  1 grapefruit slice

Fill a wine or balloon glass with ice. Pour in the MARTINI Vibrante and grapefruit juice. Add the sparkling water. Stir gently and garnish by placing a grapefruit slice in the glass.