‘For All Who Love’ is the epitome of Milkshake’s image and describes the ambiance of the smashing previous editions. Milkshake is a dance festival which was born from the thought ‘everything is possible’ and shows that entertainment, music choice, choice of clothing, and status has nothing to do with sexuality. Life is just a party thanks to the great diversity of skin colors, religions, sexual preferences, and male and female forms. Milkshake is an impetus to bring the courtesy and friendly manners back into society. Thick, thin, small, large, gay, straight, trans, black or white: people are the salt of the earth and this is what we celebrate! Milkshake celebrates diversity!

Steve Madden – A collection for literally everyone.
Steve Madden embraces diversity and inclusivity. The label is for all people regardless of background, ethnicity, gender, lifestyle or belief system. . Steve Madden believes that everyone has the right to express your beautiful self and that is why the brand has collections for everyone. in sizes 42-45, that screams inclusivity and acceptance. A collection for everyone: men who want to wear something different than sneakers, but also women and those with a larger size who are looking for a range of options, without having to go to a specialist store with a limited number of showstoppers.