On Friday the 29th of July, the Westerpark in Amsterdam will revolve around the seventh edition of Mini Milkshake. At Mini Milkshake, people with a disability can come to enjoy everything that will also be presented at the regular Milkshake Festival: lots of entertainment, decoration and music.

There will be two stages with diverse music genres and a wide variety of fun activities at Mini Milkshake. What’s even more special is the arrival of The Drag Syndrome, an English company of drag performers with down syndrome.

Mini milkshake was founded by the For All Who Love Foundation seven years ago, Set up by Marieke Samallo (director of Milkshake). The aim of this event is to generate a greater acceptance and a sense of inclusion for another vulnerable group. Tickets for Mini Milkshake are strictly for people with a disability and caretakers/mentors and are available for €7,50 per person.

Ambassador Fred van Leer

Fred van Leer will not only be present at the event but will now also take on the role of being an ambassador. Fred van Leer: “The first time that I attended Mini Milkshake I walked around with goosebumps the entire day, standing there with tears in my eyes. I entered the Milkshake Weekend with a full heart. It’s so fantastic that the For All Who Love Foundation put this together. And it’s so special that I can be a part of this’’.

Milkshake Festival

Milkshake Festival is electrotonic dance festival that is coordinated around the train of thought that ‘’nothing is a must, everything is allowed’’. It shows that entertainment, music genres, fashion choices and status have nothing to with sexuality. The ambiance during Milkshake is free from the spirit of boxes that society wants to put us in. Life is a party thanks to the big diversity of skin colors, sexual preferences and the grand scale of different appearances. Milkshake celebrates the city and their initiatives, and commits itself for more politeness and love towards each other. Fat, Skinny, Big, Small, Gay, Trans, Drag, Black or White: Humans are the salt of the earth and we’re going to celebrate this!

Milkshake Indoor

Whenever we feel like the world needs a sprinkle of all the goodness that Milkshake Festival has to offer, we take the party indoors. Depending on the venue, there are multiple rooms to explore, offering an array of various music genres, vogue balls or performances.

Milkshake International

Love has no borders! The Milkshake team adores spreading love around the globe. In 2017 and 2018 we co-produced Milkshake Festival in Sao Paolo and created some unforgettable moments.

For All Who Love Foundation

Each year, Milkshake partners with For All Who Love Foundation. This foundation pays special attention to minority groups in 4 pillars: LGBTQIA +, the elderly, people with disabilities, and we support projects against racism and discrimination.

Mini Milkshake

Mini Milkshake is for all residents with mental and/or psychological disabilities from various care institutions. Every year you can expect an afternoon full of music, wonderful DJs, vibrant dancers, various activities and delicious food and drinks to enjoy.