words by Maria Mota

By one of the most gorgeous Alpine lakes in Slovenia, the Jasna Lake, lies Milka, a place steeped in the rhythms of nature. The hotel structure has been around since the 60s but was given a new life during the pandemic, being now a fine collective of design, cuisine, and nature. 

Boutique hotel Milka boasts six rooms, three suites and three double rooms, an in-house sauna for two, and a refined dining restaurant with breakfast, lunch & dinner service. 

As a hotel set out to care for the people and the planet, Milka’s heart lies with locally sourced materials and ingredients. All the stone used is Slovene limestone, quarried in some of the oldest Slovene quarries, cut and formed by hand by local artisans. The architecture and nature-inspired decoration reference the local environment and culture, an ode to its surroundings. 

The scene is surrounded by large casement and awning windows, allowing an abundance of natural light to gracefully enter each room. Its breathtaking view extends over the Jasna Lake into the Triglav Natural Park, with peaks Razor and Prisank being the most prominent ones.

After achieving a Michelin Star after solely three months open, the restaurant can be one of the most exquisite experiences during your stay. The chef’s inspiration is drawn from the beautiful Alpine surroundings, delivering heavenly regional cuisine dishes produced to the highest standards. And for a divine wine pairing, Milka offers a varied selection of both local and foreign wines. 

“I am proud to see such a beautiful hotel with a focus on quality and sustainability in my home country. Having an eye for detail, I wasn’t disappointed with what I experienced at Milka. The unique aesthetics of both the interior and exterior with wooden and stone playfulness and rich simplicity, while maintaining a conscious design through sustainable and circular materials, is something worth emphasizing. As well as the service, the staff was on another level of professionalism throughout my stay.

Experiencing one of the best luxury hotels located where my home and heart is feels deeply rewarding. I left feeling lighter, extremely connected to nature and my roots, and eager to go back.”

Timotej Letonja, editor-in-chief