Miguel released his new single “Number 9 feat. Lil Yachty” from his highly anticipated and now confirmed forthcoming album via ByStorm Entertainment/RCA Records.

The new release from Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter/artist Miguel mesmerizes with ethereal vocals and hypnotizing sounds that pulse through this addicting earworm, accentuated by a verse from Lil Yachty.  Hovering in the background Miguel chants “Wash It” to symbolize the numerological meaning of the number nine, which represents an awakening from life experiences and struggles.

Miguel stated that this song is “about ending the old, starting new, and the cylindrical nature of change.” Though nine is the final numeral, the track is anything but a finale – as today also marks confirmation of Miguel’s forthcoming album in Fall 2023.

Last week Miguel reached new heights with the release of Sony’s “For the Music” campaign where he came up with the concept of scaling a massive skyscraper and breaking through the building’s glass window. The one minute visual uses “Number 9 (feat. Lil Yachty” within the commercial, which symbolizes the upcoming era in music of breaking creative barriers and new beginnings.

Miguel’s strong charting success of “Sure Thing” from his debut album, All I Want Is You, has continued with over 20 million videos on TikTok, and it peaked at No. 11 on the Billboard Hot 100 twelve years after its release.  It also hit Top 5 in the UK and has been named the 6th biggest song of 2023 so far.