Mid/night 00.00 is born to enhance your most real and sincere beauty by creating the perfect personal routine free of every thing you don’t want for your skin.  Plant based, genderless and vegan friendly cosmetics cleanly designed at Barcelona.

Mid/night 00.00 is a new DNVB born to democratise beauty by creating the perfect personal routine.  They want to simplify and update the beauty industry by offering simple yet highly effective routines composed of more versatile and transversal natural products.  Beauty should be natural, effective & uncomplicated.

They select the best combination of highly-efficient natural ingredients for hair and skin creating the most effective and minimalist beauty routine. We bring a better experience and higher efficacy compared to already establishes players.

Everything you need and nothing you don’t. They’ve simplified beauty by reducing the number of choices thus avoiding skin saturation. Less is more.  They’ve simplified beauty by reducing the number of  choices thus avoiding skin saturation. They craft the  best combination for hair and skin creating the most  effective and minimalist beauty routines. Hair Routine, Body Routine, Facial Routine & Solid Routine is what they currently offer.

All their products contain more than 90% high quality natural ingredients, and none of our products contain animal-derived ingredients. They use non-irritating & small-molecule ingredients at ideal pH levels that skin can easily absorb, understand, and use. They are committed to using only ingredients that benefit the health of the skin. For Her and for Him. Share it and enjoy it. They favor the responsable way to consume. Our products are designed, tested and made with small-local producers in Spain.

Explore more about the brand and the products here:https://midnightcosmetics.co