Eau de parfum: designed in Barcelona  – formulated in Paris – ingredients from Grasse 

mid/night 00.00’s first perfume collection, titled Casa Pablo, bears the name of a place remembered – an island out in the sea of memory, half-real and half-imagined. Casa Pablo is an intimate memory made into a story, told in the language of scent. Marked by the intrinsic, felt rhythms that shape a day, each fragrance evokes a distinct moment of the day. So to time is memory, scent is to the soul.


MORNING – RRP €115.00, 50 ML

Mimosa sun, sea on skin, weightless exuberance.

A thinly layered freshness reminiscent of the ocean breeze– that is the mesmerizing character of the mimosa blossom. Understated and textured, its unique solar floralcy is at once airy, slightly green and watery, capturing the delicate complexity of the morning sea air. Clean aldehydes and soothing aloe notes gloss over with a fluid transparency, revealing the warm minerality of sea salt exuded by OrcanoxTM, an upcycled, bio-tech engineered molecule with modern Ambergris facets, clean, musky and woody at the same time.

Ingredients Spotlight: Mimosa, Ambergris (Orcanox™) & Aldehydes (Noreenal™)

The Feeling: Awakening. Open. Optimistic

Fragrance Type: Mineral Floral

MIDDAY RRP – €115.00, 50 ML

Tomato leaf daydream.

An explosion of green in all its shades. The crisp effervescence of Calabrian bergamot sparkling over rose-minty geranium, the deliciously bitter aroma of tomato leaf mingled with the dusty spice of chili leaf. A touch of olive flower and mimosa unravels a soothing floral dimension that hovers sweetly over the skin, under the mellow shade of soft amber woods.

Ingredients Spotlight: Chili Leaf Geranium Bergamot

The Feeling: Crisp, Vitality, Fantasy

Fragrance Type: Vegetal

AFTERFIVE RRP – €115.00, 50 ML

Earth, sky and sea meld and dissolve into the lost hours.

A subtly decadent blend of smoldering woods and hypnotic florals wrap around the skin for a deep, lasting impression.The fusion of rich sandalwood, cedar and oakmoss notes flares with a bitter red seaweed extract which lends a salty freshness with moisturizing and mineralizing properties. A duo of Iris and Immortelle flowers reveals a textured comfort with accents of suede and earthy clay.

Ingredients Spotlight: Red Seaweed extract, Immortelle

The Feeling: Sensuous. Passional. Mystical

Fragrance Type: Amber Woody Floral

MIDNIGHT RRP – €115.00, 50 ML

Ode to the in-between. The essence of mid/night.

Then you hear it, coming in over the cliffs, whispering through the sand and trees. Finally you feel it all at once – the fresh and faintly spicy minerality of the ocean breeze, charged with the vibrant aromas of fig leaf and eucalyptus that billow in the night. A modern yet timeless scent that is as much a sensorial experience as one of the mind.

Ingredients Spotlight: Figolide, Orcanox, Gayo Patchouli

The Feeling: Contemplative, Present, Profound

Fragrance Type: Woody Aromatic

2,5 ML. x 4 – RRP €20.00

10 ML. x 4 – RRP €130.00