PURE is the largest dinner & dance event in the Netherlands. For PURE, Michael Mendoza has teamed up with Michelin star chef Dennis Huwaë. Together, they will provide a high-class dining experience for 50-60 VIP guests, accompanied by musical sounds. The dining courses will be tailored to the colorful range of Moët Hennessey’s spirits.

After the exquisite dining experience, the VIP guests are invited to Sieraad, where a celebration for 1500 guests awaits them until the early hours. The dancing part of PURE will present a variety of the sound landscape of house music. Michael Mendoza curated a lineup for the night featuring Benny Rodrigues, Philou Louzolo, Maqossa, Rancido, Afrotura and Michael Mendoza himself. The Sound of the night is all about exploring the subgenres of house music. Especially the current trend and rise of Afro and tribal tunes as well as Tech-House and Amapiano.

Michael Mendoza decided to reinvent himself as an artist, by switching up his sound and creating his own concepts and Events. He was tired of daily bookings and a full schedule and wanted to take his career into his own hands. PURE is the result of his reinvention. 

PURE will take place at the Sieraad on June 22nd. The brand partnership with Belvedere Vodka promises a perfect evening. For more information check HERE.