ROSA’ the second single from Mia Moretti‘s highly anticipated EP ‘TAMBOR‘ (December 1, 2023), is a sonic journey that seamlessly blends tradition and innovation. The recording sessions spanned the Caribbean coast, Bogotá, and London, weaving together the threads of Afro-Colombian heritage into a drum-fueled, electronic dance anthem.

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In her quest for sample clearance, Mia’s journey took an unexpected turn, leading to a remarkable collaboration. While working on her upcoming EP ‘TAMBOR‘ in Colombia, Mia discovered Magín Díaz‘s soul-stirring Rosa’. Facing clearance challenges, Mia, undeterred, enlisted Totó La Momposina‘s granddaughters to re-record ‘Rosa‘. The result is an extraordinary blend of tradition and innovation, breathing new life into the timeless ballad, preserving its roots with contemporary energy.