Gold that flows like water. Rivers of precious stones, in natural parures that shine against the skin. Made with remarkable artistry, these pieces’ unique shapes echo the masterful play of textures and colours… In the new high jewellery collection Metaphoria, Piaget imagines nature as a bold, generous presence, mirrored and highlighted by 52 exceptional pieces, crafted from start to finish in the Maison’s ateliers.

In 1969, Yves Piaget unveiled his “ 21st Century Collection ”, resplendent with wildly extravagant jewellery watches with ornamental stones set into their dials, as well as engraved gold sautoir and cuff watches. With this collection, he laid the groundwork for Piaget’s signature style. Festive, elegant, unique. “ Experimentation, innovation and joy are part of the Maison’s DNA. From as early as the 1960s, Piaget dared to introduce coral, turquoise and lapis lazuli into watchmaking and into unique pieces of jewellery, observes Benjamin Comar, Piaget CEO. This desire to use unexpected materials in pieces created to high jewellery standards is still at the very core of our identity.”

In 2023, the “ 21st Century Collection” comes to life as “ Metaphoria ”, a dazzling metaphor for nature and its metamorphoses. With this collection of 41 pieces of jewellery and 11 watches, divided into two chapters, Azureia and Beautanica, Piaget expresses its vision of contemporary high jewellery by paying homage to its main source of inspiration: vibrant, radiant nature. This prolific creativity is paired with renowned savoir-faire – all the collection’s pieces are made in Piaget’s Geneva atelier, where there are over seven different jobs in the high jewellery atelier alone. The designs are further enhanced by the use of sublime gemstones, which endow Metaphoria with a unique spirit and sophisticated originality.


Far from limiting itself to a purely figurative interpretation of nature, rarely seen at Piaget, the Maison has selected the most emblematic elements of nature: the living energy of oceans, mountains and forests.

“ Our goal was to emphasise details that call to mind natural phenomena, such as the flow of a waterfall or the rays of the sun, while inspiring a particular emotion, explains Stéphanie Sivrière, creative director at Piaget. The materials we use, from insect elytra to precious wood, were selected to bring an unpredictable, living element to a piece of 21st century high jewellery. ”

From contrasting materials to a play with form and light, from fluidity to asymmetry, Metaphoria is the epitome of the distinctive codes of Piaget’s style, in which imaginative design meets breathtaking savoir-faire and the unquenchable pursuit of perfection.


An icon of the Metaphoria collection, this Mineralis set is made up of jewellery that could have been seized straight from the rushing waters of a mountain river. Take for example this fabulous asymmetrical necklace, crafted from diamonds, sapphires, aquamarine and rock crystal. Piaget jewellers pair the transparency of rock crystal – random crops of brilliance that line the edges of rivers – with flowing, intensely blue sapphires, whose inverted settings give the piece an ultra-modern look. Shining at the centre of this unique piece sits a lagoon-blue 13.25-carat cushion-cut aquamarine. The piece is matched by earrings and rings, one of which is set with a 4.1-carat Sri Lanka sapphire.