This April, online art & design gallery Metamorphoses announces Observations – a special collection of fifty meticulously handcrafted objects, paying homage to the act of creation, the journey of making, and the art of observation.

Thoughtfully curated by founder Nadine Snijders, an Amsterdam-based art historian and curator, the collection showcases the works of a line-up of designers from the Netherlands and beyond, inviting viewers to explore the intricate narratives woven into each of the pieces.

Observations features works from new designers such as Cara/Davide (IT), Rino Claessens (NL), Seon-hyeok Yoon (KR), and Lenny Stöpp (NL); alongside existing Metamorphoses collaborators including BuroBelén (NL), Aldo Bakker (NL), Destroyers/Builders (BE), and Bloc Studios (IT). The launch also introduces four newly commissioned pieces by Atelier Fig (NL), Hot Wire Extensions (CH), Tessa Silva (UK) and Maria Tyakina (NL/RU).

With Observations, I hope to not only capture the gaze of the spectator but also pay homage to the profound act of creation through attentive observation. In essence, the collection underscores the shared experience of observing and creating, weaving a connection between the observer and the observed.   

Nadine Snijders

Furthering the sentiment of Metamorphoses’ first collection – celebrating the making process of each object, Observations centres around the idea that each object holds a story waiting to be uncovered and shared, whilst also calling attention to the significance of observation in the creative process.

Drawn to pieces that embody an understated and unexpected sense of beauty, the collection embraces sustainability and innovation whilst balancing a poetic and timeless aesthetic. Each of the designers showcased are distinguished for combining a diverse array of age-old techniques and contemporary technology generating new visual languages for extant forms, materials, ideas and traditions.