For her 10th High Jewelry collection, Valérie Messika draws her inspiration from the unwavering energy of the craziest nights of the seventies. With Midnight Sun, anything goes. You can be whoever you want, let yourself go, don’t be scared to be yourself. 

To embody this euphoric collection, she chose the French singer and model Carla Bruni to be the face of the new Messika High Jewelry collection. With grace and magnetism, the fashion icon revives the resolutely subversive spirit of the 1970s. Her ardent femininity and her captivating presence convey the energy of this collection which makes the diamond dance until the end of the night. 

A manifesto of creativity and affirmation, Midnight Sun reveals multifaceted sets that are as much a play of lights and contrasts as an expression of the Maison’s diamond savoir-faire. The yellow diamond stands out as the queen of the night. Amplified, it illuminates the night with a mystical, figurative aura. For the first time at Messika, it eclipses the white diamond taking Carla Bruni on a journey through time, between night and day.  

This year, Valérie Messika has created a chorus of exceptional sets, each more vibrant than the next. In each of the creations, she encapsulates the soul of the emblematic figures of the time, from Diana Ross to Andy Warhol, from Grace Jones to Freddie Mercury. 

Delightful to wear, colorful sets, assertive curves: Midnight Sun symbolises the beginning of a new era like the sunrise in the dark. Messika High Jewelry celebrates disco at its free and exhilarating best.