As the festive season approaches, Maison Messika unveils its winter 2023 campaign – a unique journey through the galaxy to enhance the most beautiful moments.

Flexibility of wear, fluidity of lines, brilliance of gemstones, Messika jewelry illuminates the body like precious constellations. Reflecting light, pieces come together to give the look of effortless stacking. The Maison’s signature pieces sparkle: D-Vibes and My Twin rings, My Move bracelets, Move earrings and necklaces create unique galaxies of diamonds. The gemstones levitate as you move in a divine light, for a cosmic Christmas.

“The end-of-year celebrations are the ideal time for a little soul- searching and new aspirations. For this new campaign, I wanted to expand the field of possibilities, offer wonder and light by transporting diamonds into space.”

Valérie Messika, Founder and Artistic Director of Maison Messika

This winter, Messika is bringing a new beam of light with strong pieces with bold designs. With the innovative Fiery collection, the pear-cut diamond forms the silhouette of a comet. Pointing upwards to the stars, the stone takes on a new form. As fascinating as a comet racing through space, Fiery is a magnetic collection towards which all eyes are drawn. Captivating jewelry to enhance the most beautiful winter evenings.

Valérie Messika has taken inspiration from science fiction for her new winter campaign, spotlighting Messika’s new XXL pieces with the So Move and Move Link collections which revisit the iconic motif of the Maison. Graphic and energetic, the Move motif is transformed and amplified with spectacular elegance. An explosive fusion of styles which reveals an intense energy where the diamonds shimmer like moving stars.