The 2023 “So Move” collection infuses unprecedented originality with powerful pieces and ultra-impactful XL wears. “So Move” writes a new page for the great classic from Messika. Here, the iconic Uno that caresses the skin with its fine and delicate lines is transformed into a strong and intense Statement piece. A major innovation.

A daring and exciting adventure for the House, offering its icon a new status and reveals it as a symbol of self-affirmation.

“This set was a daring but exhilarating challenge for me. I loved the idea of transforming this discreet jewel into such a powerful and expressive piece.”

Valérie Messika

A creation freed from codes and genres, the Move merges masculine-feminine and magnifies the wearer’s silhouette. Structured with strong geometric lines, this collection instils a rebellious modernity for all to wear.

“So Move” is available as a pendant on a chain, necklaces, earrings and as a ring. XL jewelry that immediately brings a very couture touch and enhances all styles. A daring trend that reveals remarkable gold work. The flat areas and acute angles give this collection a hyper-contemporary style, while the repetition of the pattern on the same scale gives it a singular elegance.

A new exciting signature for the Maison of Messika and a genderless style, “So Move” inspires an assumed elegance – the right mix & match of daring and confidence for everyone.