Designed by Scott Ramon Seguro Mescudi, also known as Kid Cudi, Members Of The Rage is a  Ready-To-Wear collection for outsiders everywhere, designed in Los Angeles and Made In Italy. 

“Members Of The Rage is about a feeling of vintage 90s grunge fused with a futuristic hip hop vibe.  For my second season, I’ve added to that flavor with new techniques and custom hardware, and  personal touches like manga prints made by my niece, Zuri. My goal for every collection is to grow  and get better each season and learn.” — Scott Ramon Seguro Mescudi 

The Spring Summer 2024 collection is the second chapter in a heroic narrative of epic proportions,  flying through extra-terrestrial environs to land with both feet firmly back on Earth. Building blocks of  bright color, cosmic allusions and a calling to create super-urban uniforms for a utopian future all  collide in a season that solidifies a new canon of MOTR codes. 

Anchored by twisted archetypes, defined silhouettes emerge through a riot of print and texture – wide  trousers, massive kicks, and an array of upsized outerwear and shirting establish the volumes and  attitudes of a wardrobe that exudes a relaxed yet theatrical energy. Cargo and utility elements mingle  with contrast shell suits, with new depths of craft and technique throughout, from custom lightning bolt  zippers and intricate tonal print denim to manga appliqué patches and hand-embroidered intarsia  mohair knitwear. The palette picks up on the new signature shades of cobalt and vermillion awash  with summer whites, earthy neutrals, stone-washed denim, pink and lime. Bright graphic patches  mingle with metallic leathers and a time-warp of MOTR graphics that fuse iconography from music  and sports, including the Members Of The Rage UFO logo created in collaboration with the Japanese  designer Nigo.  

Across flannel button-downs, fluid bowling shirts and baggy denim, the psychedelic world of A.I  generated and artist-drawn prints creates intense expressions of deep color and hypnotic journeys,  from the nebulous landscapes of apocalyptic skies and submarine worlds, to the comic book nostalgia  of the ‘House Party’ print teeming with characters and stories. Elsewhere, these characters come to  life in an array of heroic ensembles, from candy-pink patchworked pinstripe tailoring to a contoured  gray marle ‘bubble’ hoodie, and frayed varsity sweaters in a cheeky nod to Adam Sandler’s Billy  Madison (1995).  

published by Nadia ten Hove