This week Alexander McQueen is inviting to submit photography taking inspiration from nature: now more than ever its beauty and ability to regenerate is a symbol of hope and quiet power. With that in mind they will simultaneously unveil a series of images shot during the lockdown, commissioned by the house, by photographers who are both long-standing McQueen collaborators and emerging talent and based all over the world.

Their brief to them was the same: to capture their perceptions of nature during this moment of global quarantine. As always, followers will be asked to upload their images tagged @AlexanderMcQueen #McQueenCreators #McQueenNature. A selection of submitted images will then be featured across their social media channels.

The photographers featured along with the locations in which they are shot are as follows:

Adama Jalloh from Peckham, London, UK. Image shot in Peckham, London

Alice Schillaci from Milan, Italy. images shot in Milan, Italy

Chloe Le Drezen from London, UK. image shot in Melbourne, Australia.

Eddie Wrey from London, UK. Image shot in Berkshire, UK

Luis Alberto Rodriguez from Berlin, Germany. Image shot in Berlin, Germany

Lea Colombo from London, UK. Images shot in Hackney, London

Hanna Moon from Seoul, South Korea. Image shot in Seoul, South Korea

Julia Noni from Bourgeauville, France. Image shot in Bourgeauville, France

Virginie Khateeb from London, UK. Images shot in Hackney, London

Luo Yang from Shanghai, China. Image shot in Bali, Indonesia

Wing Shya from Hong Kong. Image shot in Argentina