Resilience is the ability to withstand adversity, a quality which resides in us all. It’s a learnt quality and something which can be developed. Recognising our resilience enables women to fully express themselves with strength. Revealing resilience for the brand, means revealing the body in its most authentic and natural form, revealing the power within. This is reflected in the effortless look and feel of the designs despite their complex structures.

We envision a world where a woman dares to live life differently, in her own unique way. Exposing it, owning it, authentically embodying her strongest self.

A particular source of inspiration for Max Zara would be the interaction with the community she’s creating, “I love observing women wearing the designs, it’s incredibly interesting to see how the designs influence her movement, behaviour and expression”. The garments are a tool for me to get closer to the other, to empower their feminine and powerful presence.

Working closely with models and clients, more aptly performers and artists for this collection, Max Zara spots the elevation these women endure when adorning the brand. “I believe clothes support you, to show or express your authentic self. Therefore it is really important to understand what pieces make you feel good and which silhouette gives you comfort.”

The collection features the brand’s signature diagonal silhouette, defying traditional pattern cutting and draping. Designs accentuate the female body, whilst allowing free movement and expression. Tailoring continues to be a strong focus, creating using fine Wools, Silks and Cottons.


Photography: Marja Sterck

Model: Beaudylle