Matthias Geerts, a fresh face in the electronic music scene, is making waves in the Antwerp and Parisian techno scenes. His musical journey is all about blending the best of the past with today, with a special affinity for Belgian retro techno and trance classics.

Behind the decks, he starts rather slow, with groovy beats that get your toes tapping. As the night unfolds, he gradually cranks up the energy, treating you to those timeless techno vibes that make you move. He will take his listeners on a captivating voyage through the realms of groovy beats and timeless techno.

What sets Matthias apart is his fondness for the oldies. He dusts off those classic tracks and gives them a contemporary twist, reintroducing them to a new generation of music lovers.

In a world where electronic music is constantly evolving, Matthias Geerts keeps it grounded. He’s here to remind you of the tunes that have shaped electronic music history, all while keeping the atmosphere relaxed and enjoyable.

Matthias fell in love with DJing a year or two before COVID. He had been creating content for brands as an influencer for more than a decade, but at some point, he felt a bit of creative burnout. When he attended his first festivals and got introduced to techno, something clicked. He fell in love with the repetitive beats, and it inspired him to try it out himself. Fortunately, his successful influencer career allowed him to invest in a full professional set, and that’s when he essentially started teaching himself how to mix. He felt a sense of creativity he had never experienced before, and it genuinely made him happy playing techno and mixing it.

Now, he’s delving more into production, which is a longer and slower process but incredibly fun to experiment with. DJ’s like Charlotte de Witte, Richie Hawtin, Ida Engberg, Pan Pot were super inspiring for him, and now, artists like Alignment, Kobosil, Julian Muller, and Trym have joined the ranks of his latest inspirations.

Listen to a podcast with him here.

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