Mathias Landau, a Parisian designer with Jewish-Moroccan roots, debuted his inaugural collection during Paris Fashion Week, the 3rd of March, 2023. The collection, inspired by the strength and beauty of the human body, marks a significant milestone in the young designer’s career.

Growing up in Tel Aviv, Mathias had always aspired to become a dancer. He dedicated his life to the art form and found that dance provided a powerful means of self-expression. However, after studying at the Académie Internationale de Danse in Paris, Mathias discovered a new passion for fashion and design. With a deep appreciation for the beauty of the human form, Mathias transitioned from the ballet room to the sewing machine.

Mathias’ first collection, crafted from chains and elastic, is a tribute to the body itself. “The clothes are an extension of the body,” Mathias explained. The collection was unveiled in a secretive and mysterious Parisian warehouse, where attendees were immersed in a mystical and dark atmosphere, accompanied by techno music. The models strutted down the runway with confidence, weaving between twisted trees.

Rayan Diallo, who goes by the stage name “Cleo,” delivered a powerful and emotional performance after the Landau fashion show. The performance entitled “Layers” celebrated the human body and the Landau’s garments, creating a powerful experience for all in attendance.

Rayan’s performance was truly unique, showcasing their impressive range of artistic abilities. They began by arriving on stage fully dressed, wearing unique pieces made by Mathias, moving fluidly to the music and showcasing their incredible physical control. As they danced, they gradually began to remove their clothing, revealing their body. The audience was mesmerized by their movements, which seemed to flow seamlessly with the music and the overall mood of the event.
The collaboration between Landau & Cleo created a living sculpture that showcased the beauty and complexity of the human form.

Landau’s first collection is genderless and inclusive, celebrating all body types and morphologies. The sensual silhouettes of the collection push the boundaries of eroticism, breaking taboos and highlighting Mathias’s boldness and fearlessness as a designer.

photographers MATT DA @mattda_ & MAELITO @maelito.ifs
brand LANDAU @landauofficial by MATHIAS LANDAU @mathias.lnd0
dancer and choreographer RAYAN DIALLO @cleopatra_is_in_jail