Taking place on 9th December in Kuala Lumpur and 10th December in Ho Chi Minh City, Heineken® Refresh will unite The Chainsmokers with Malaysian and Vietnamese talent.

MassiveMusic and ALDA partner with Heineken® to launch ‘Heineken® Refresh’, a unique event format that will see a fusion of global and local musicians swapping styles to create a new musical experience for fans. The Heineken® Refresh events are designed to encourage music fans to break out of their musical and social comfort zones by expanding their music tastes and meeting fans of different music genres in the same space.

The first Heineken® Refresh event will take place on 9th December 2022 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and then again on 10th December 2022 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Headlined by Grammy-winning artist-duo The Chainsmokers, the live concerts will be available to attend for over 25,000 fans across both markets.

Heineken® Refresh events were creatively developed by Amsterdam-based event organisation ALDA, which has been responsible for all aspects of the events, most notably the integral collaborative aspect of the show. ALDA developed a unique set up, allowing for The Chainsmokers to seamlessly collaborate with locally renowned artists.

In collaboration with MassiveMusic, locally renowned artists were invited to refresh a song by The Chainsmokers in their own unique style. After a fan-voted contest, the artists teased their tracks before launching them for the first time within The Chainsmokers set.

The culmination of a three-month brand campaign by Heineken® – MassiveMusic and ALDA were challenged to bring to life an event that joins fans of different music tastes to help them break out of their musical and social bubbles. Heineken® Refresh is aimed at helping fans discover new and exciting music, aligning with Heineken®’s philosophy that life tastes better with an open mind.

Luc van Stiphout, Global Director of Clients at MassiveMusic, says: “It’s been a fantastic creative journey working with Heineken® and its partner agencies Publicis and ALDA in developing this fantastic travelling music platform that can grow, develop and evolve over time, and bringing the bespoke musical curation for the events to life. We love Heineken®’s philosophy of encouraging people to open their minds to new experiences, and what better way than through great music with great people. As this musical platform grows in notoriety across the globe, we can’t wait to continue blending different global and local sounds and pushing music lovers further outside their music bubble.”

Allan Hardenberg, Co-founder and CEO at ALDA, says: “It’s humbling to have been given the task of bringing to life such a strong campaign by Heineken® in collaboration with MassiveMusic. Heineken®’s philosophy is closely tied to what we believe in in the events industry and we at ALDA have always aimed at bringing people from all walks of life and all corners of the world together under one roof at our events. We feel like the unique set up we’ve created will be a game-changer in the way we’re able to bring together artists in a live format. The way we designed the Heineken® Refresh shows is something that’s never been seen before and will truly bring a new experience to the fans.”

Rajeev Sathyesh, Brand and Business Development Director, Heineken® APAC, says: “We’re passionate about open-mindedness being the key to making life taste better and believe that what we have created with MassiveMusic, Publicis and ALDA is a great physical representation of this philosophy. We can’t wait to see how audiences engage with these unique live experiences – a real fusion of local and global styles – and what new music tastes occur as a result. We’re particularly proud to be offering the opportunity for people to come together, in person, for a live concert that celebrates the importance of local communities and artists.”