Chapter 1 by Massimo Osti Studio presents a collection of five products made of Alcantara®, the pioneering Made in Italy material.

This collection reflects both brands’ experimental approach to cross-industry contamination and the exploration of new technological and design horizons.

From outerwear to accessories, each item in Chapter 1 enhances not only the versatility and multiple facets of the Alcantara® material but also the ability to combine aesthetic sensoriality and performance, technology and craftsmanship. A unique process through which thesoft-touchmaterial redefines thelanguage of contemporary lifestyle.

The Alcantara® garments are laser cut, drastically reducing the use of seams and replacing them with heat-sensitive mesh tape, placed below the edges. Opaque plastic effect details have been obtained by exploiting the material’s thermal reaction with heat-sensitive mesh tape.

Chapter 1 includes a parka, pants, a short jacket with a concealable hood, a cap,and arucksack.

Chapter 1 is now available exclusively on, from February 14th, 2024