Artist and designer Brian Thoreen and multidisciplinary conceptual artist Mario García Torres disrupt existing conventions of functionality and materiality in their new solo shows. Located in the heart of Mexico City, the 18th-century colonial house boasts 600 m2 of new gallery space for curatorial exploration, experimentation, and conversation around the sensibility of art and design.

Marking its fifth anniversary, MASA gallery unveils two inaugural solo exhibitions at their first permanent space in the heart of Mexico City, on view from February 8 – April 8, 2023. The gallery’s expansion strengthens its ongoing commitment to present innovative positions of the local contemporary creative community through group and solo exhibitions focusing on collectible art and design. In ‘Non-Zero-Sum,’ artist and designer Brian Thoreen explores unconventional ways of fabrication and corporeality, expanding on traditional concepts and pushing the boundaries of materiality. Multidisciplinary conceptual artist Mario García Torres presents ‘The Space Under My Chair & The Music I Was Listening To.’ As a homage to Bruce Nauman’s iconic sculpture and inspired by musical equipment design, García Torres explores a dialog between two series of works that shine a light on the limitless possibilities of fusing conceptuality and function.

Founded in 2018, MASA’s artist and design collective presents disruptive exhibitions that blur the line between art and design. By challenging its existing boundaries and through its nomadic nature, MASA gives artists, designers, and architects a platform to question the frames of functional and non-functional works, experience unconventional pathways and explore the unexpected. MASA initiates a conversation between local creatives on the expression of conceptuality and materiality in Mexican design. Driven by Mexico’s renaissance of modern thinking, the gallery has come to represent works that explore the philosophical aspects of intention and function.