The bold creative vision of the Roman Jeweller and the unlimited imagination of London-based Greek fashion designer Mary Katrantzou collide in an exciting collaboration ranging from Leather Goods and Textiles to the realm of Perfumery. 

Writing a new chapter of the famed “Serpenti Through the Eyes of” saga and introducing the Omnia Capsule Edition by Mary Katrantzou, she infuses her poetic and jubilant style into some of Bvlgari’s most emblematic lines. 

A momentous creative encounter exuding with the unbridled exuberance of the Roman Maison and Mary Katrantzou’s uplifting and joyful approach to design.


Fashion designer Mary Katrantzou reimagines the Bvlgari Omnia universe as an optimistic and colorful dreamworld, collaborating with Master Perfumer Alberto Morillas on a new fragrance and bringing joy to the entire Omnia Collection.  


The Greek-born, London-based fashion designer Mary Katrantzou is recognized as the “queen of prints” for her exuberant and maximalist creations. Poetic and jubilant, she crafts joy with her visual narrative, bold hues and couture techniques.

Spreading positivity through her creations, her style is the perfect match for Bvlgari’s audacity and the brilliant colors of the Omnia universe.

Inspired by the joyful spirit, vibrant allure and unbridled exuberance of Omnia, fashion designer Mary Katrantzou created an exclusive new fragrance in collaboration with Master Perfumer Alberto Morillas. In this way, Omnia by Mary Katrantzou represents a dialogue between two worlds, one that is the product of shared synergy between the two creators whose bold visions align beautifully with each other and with Bvlgari’s unapologetically vibrant aesthetic. 


Captivated by the uplifting energy of nature’s most wondrous flowers, Mary Katrantzou created a world of reassuring and touchable joy.

Reminiscent of Mary Katrantzou’s childhood memories and conjuring Italy’s love affair with spectacular florals, Omnia by Mary Katrantzou is “a beautiful universe that awakens our olfactory and visual senses.” 

That was what the designer had in mind as she embarked on the creative process of designing her first fragrance. She envisioned the olfactive emotion as its own universe of colours and flowers. In her imagination, the bottle became a sculptural vase, spilling over with a maximalist flower bouquet that encompasses every gorgeously crafted olfactive note from Master Perfumer Alberto Morillas. 

The new fragrance is a caress to the soul and an infusion of optimism in everyday life, exploding with the brightness of Mandarin and accords of Gardenia and Fig Leaf. It is a celebration of life’s purest pleasures: an explosive flower bouquet, the smell of an unforgettable bloom, the joy of colors.

Omnia by Mary Katrantzou is experienced one step at a time: a journey that begins with the moment one encounters the packaging, continues when one holds the bottle in her hands, and culminates when scent meets skin and immerses its wearer in a full-color flash of florals.