Now that summer has started and the corona measures are relaxing, the online drinks are moving to real life and we are looking for our friends again. Especially for these moments, when people really want to make time for each other and deepen their friendship, MARTINI has developed a friendship game together with psychologist, (relationship) therapist and writer Marcelino Lopez.

With 'Ask Your Friends' you get to know your friends even better by means of fifty questions and dilemmas and you are guaranteed to have fun conversations during an aperitif. The questions and sometimes tough dilemmas are poured into an exclusive card game that you can win at or play online.

Where in the past year we have mainly talked about social distancing, working from home, corona tests and evening walks, Ask Your Friends offers a solution to the need to talk about something different and at the same time give your friendships attention and depth. Happiness is not about what you have but about who you share it with. The simple things like seeing friends again in real life, catching up and reliving memories, that's what really counts.

Marcelino Lopez; “Good social ties are an essential buffer to survive difficult times and be happy. But just like everything beautiful in life, a good friendship requires attention and care. The MARTINI game can give friendships fun and deepening.”

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