To celebrate ‘The Hillbillies’ (Baby Keem and Kendrick Lamar) Camp Flog Gnaw performance, renowned London designer, Martine Rose has partnered with the duo to launch an exclusive collection of merchandise. This limited-edition collection blends the duo and Martine Rose’s unique style and creativity.

The collection features sports elements inspired by football, giving a nod to UK culture. The iconic twisted football shirt is a Martine Rose staple worn by many and a collectible item for any fanatic’s wardrobe.

Playful motifs are included in the graphics, appearing on both t-shirts and scarves, with lyric references from Baby Keem & Kendrick Lamar’s Grammy-nominated track “The Hillbillies”. ‘Martine Sardine’, is inspired the “Big Protein” lyric, and ‘Best Dressed’, references past rave flyer graphics. ‘New Devotions’, a beautiful phrase chosen to capture the feeling of creating new memories at a concert is emblazoned in the graphics.

Colors and styles were collaboratively selected with ‘The Hillbillies’, cotton pieces are garment pigment-dyed to give a much-loved, worn in texture and mood to the colour

and faded out with fluorescent shades and deep blacks. A personal touch is added with the ‘Handwritten T’, where oklama handwrote the text and signed the shirt. The T references the poetry of the lyrics and adds a simple yet intimate connection to ‘The Hillbillies’.

“I was thrilled when we got the chance to collaborate. Last year’s concert was amazing, and it’s an honor to work with Kendrick and Baby Keem. We wanted words to be the main focus of the graphics, choosing phrases that mean a lot to us.” – Martine Rose